Human Resources Management  Policy
Our people ľ a source of intellectual wealth and competitive advantages of OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ.

Aim of human resources management policy in OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ:
Forming of professional like-minded close-knit team devoted to business values of the company and aimed at strategic targets implementation.

Fundamental principles of human resources management policy in OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ:
  • Integration with managerial, investment, financial, production policy of OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ;
  • Social partnership that provides the balance of interests between shareholders, executive management and staff;
  • Transparency;
  • Safety of labor environment by means of labor safety maintenance and creation of comfortable workplaces for staff ;
  • Manager`s greative approach and responsibility for adaptation, motivation, education and staff loyalty formation;
  • Continuous professional and personal development;
  • Labor relationship formation within framework of current legislation strict observance;
Fundamental values of human resources management in OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ:
  • Professionalism of personnel, their innovativeness, creative way of working;
  • Corporate traditions;
  • Mentors` wisdom and experience, their readiness to share the knowledge with young specialists;
  • Young specialistsĺ activity and initiativity.
Main directions of human resources management policy in OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ:
  • Participation of the young professionals in the work of Chelyagipromez; 
  • Experienced mentor for each young professional;
  • Training of all the professionals;
  • Steady growth of personnel expertise in the field of information technology;
  • Candidate pool for every key post;
  • Impartial assessment of work;
  • Decent remuneration as consisted with the individual contrubution of each employee;
  • Social support of employees;
  • Sport development;
  • Cooperation with social agencies (Labour Union, Young Professionals Board, Council of Veterans).

Sergey P. Kulchenkov
General Director