I`m not young bit still not old


On the 3rd of October, an annual and a traditional meeting of Chelyabgipromez's non-working veterans devoted to the International Day for the Elderly took place.

Who is an elderly person? This is a person who can say: "I am not already young but I'm still not old. In other words, an elderly person is a person that lives in the period of transition from youth to anility.

As it is determined by science and confirmed by practice, we say that people are old if they are 20 years senior to us.

Twenty-year-olds call forty-year-old people oldsters; they, in their turn, think that people of sixty are old; for octogenarians, old people are those who are 100 and older.

On behalf of the executive board of the institute and the Veterans Council, S.A. Shenkman, vice-chairman of the Veterans Council, congratulated the audience on a holiday:
We invite you to this meeting so that we can communicate with each other and get to know what is happening nowadays in our beloved institute. We gather you because

    You put a lot of effort in the institute
    Your contribution can't be buried
    And you deserve this residence permit:
    Lenina prospect and 35th number.

We wish you health, high spirits, well-being, long period of transition from youth to anility, caregiving relationships with your friends and family.

V.A. Vedeneev, Chairman of the Trade-Union Committee, merrily and sincerely congratulate people on a holiday.

During the meeting, Andrey Rudnev's accordion twanged and Yuriy Sokolov's ("gold voice of Chelyabgipromez) vocal and guitar were heard.

People danced, sang, joked and laughed. Everyone knows that laugh sustains our life; that is why we wish veterans more reasons for laugh and joy and less causes for grief.

Veterans warmly thanked for the opportunity to come together and were happy that Chelyabgipromez keeps its traditions alive and remember those people who devoted many years to the work in the institute.

The materials were prepared by
S.A. Shenkman, Head of the Technical Department
V.A. Vedeneev, Chairman of the Trade-Union Committee

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