Project of CHELYABGIPROMEZ - earthworks for SEZ Titanium Valley


From September 2013, OJSC CHELYABGIPROMEZ has been performing design works on grading and vertical leveling with the arrangement of operating passages for special economic zone (SEZ) "Titanium Valley (Sverdlovsk region).

For the creation of SEZ it is planned to employ the site of more than 584 ha in area: the first stage is the development of 295.4 ha, and the second stage - of 289 ha.

Phase 1 of the work implemented by professionals of CHELYABGIPROMEZ is scheduled for 2 months. This phase includes 295.4 haarea and fence planning. As per the design, the overall volume of moved soil is approximately 1 mln. m3.

As reported by the official website of SEZ "Titanium Valley, the work package is oriented to the relief creation necessary for the construction of buildings, facilities and highways. All works are included in the preparation step of the project implementation after completion of which the construction of necessary engineering infrastructure will start.


The materials were prepared through the kind offices of
A.A. Kolesnikov, Project Manager


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