Every Chelyabinsk resident knows that in the city centre there  is a high-riser ńalled Chelyabgipromez but not everyone knows what is hidden behind its walls. This is a metallurgical works design institute with a 80 years’ experience.

In autumn 1941, a group of relocatee design engineers arrived in Chelyabinsk with a train of equipment in order to establish a new metallurgical institute. In December 1941, a Chelyabinsk branch GIPROMEZ was founded.

In 1957, CHELYABGIPROMEZ received the status of an independent design institute.

During its lifetime the Institute has achieved great triumphs. Thousands of effectively working companies, enterprises and facilities in Russia and CIS countries have been built according to its high-qualityr projects.

Our high professional engineers have a unique experience, creativity and intellectuality. The Insitute provides a multifaceted approach to designing.

But above all CHELYBGIPROMEZ is proud of people and engineers whose names are well-known not only in the Chelyabinsk region but also in Russia and adroad: Igor N. Naumovich, Sergey P. Kulchenkov, Boris G. Otten, Yuri I. Shevchenko, Vladimir S. Nemytov, Vladimir D. Kokotkin, Natalia N. Vaskevich, Vladislav A. Gorelov, Viktor P. Zlobin, Galina K. Serebrennikova and many others who form the gold reserves of JSC CHELYBGIPROMEZ.

More than 150 members rewards of different degrees.

 Today CHELYBGIPROMEZ cooperates practically with all the large metallurgical works: Mechel, ChTPZ, ZMZ, Ashinsky metallurgical Plant, Nizhne-Sergiňűë Hardware and Metallurgical Plant, Tolyatti Electrometallurgical Plant, Kaluga Scientific and Prodaction Electrometallurgical Plant and many others.